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Leadership Development

I work with people at all stages of their leadership journeys, from young adults and emerging leaders, to executives and systems leaders. I take a developmental approach, building on success and filling developmental gaps through coaching and tailored programs.

  • Personal leadership is the foundation of all leadership. It is grounded in the idea of accepting 100% responsibility for everything within one's control and influence. It's where and how we develop our emotional intelligence through self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and how we relate with and work with others in teams and communities.

  • Positional leadership comes into play when we accept roles of responsibility and accountability for projects and others. This often comes with having direct reports. 

  • Executive leadership brings in a higher level of accountability and incorporates responsibilities for strategy, culture, and systems. The myth of Western culture is that Executive leadership is an individual pursuit, but this idea is unhealthy and unsustainable. "Executive" simply means the ability to put something into action. At this stage, the need to collaborate and lead with others becomes more crucial.

  • Systems leadership is the deepest and oldest form of leadership. It's been around since before colonisation and 'civilisation' as we know it. It's as ancient and eternal as our natural systems. It requires a deeper level of collaboration and empathy, and a high level of adaptability to complex and constantly changing dynamics.

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