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Impact Innovation

Complex problems require different thinking. Sometimes a solution that worked five or ten years ago needs to be rethought and redesigned.

There are many considerations that go into creating positive social impact, including:

  • community and systems engagement — bringing stakeholders from all aspects of the system together;

  • understanding and defining the problem from multiple perspectives;

  • clearly envisaging the outcome;

  • creating a shared direction and purpose;

  • building trust, goodwill, and networks of support;

  • identifying early wins;

  • continuously reflecting on the ethics and impact of solutions to identify unintended consequences and reduce harm;

  • designing structures and systems required to achieve the desired results.

As a facilitator, I bring a clear process, safety, clarity of thinking and focus on getting to a compelling and mutually desired outcome. All this sounds serious, which in a way it is. Yet I'll also bring humour and creativity to make the process enjoyable for you and all.

Examples of my work:

  • Supporting a nonprofit organisation to critically reflect on its impact and reorient its strategic direction.

  • Helping a group of community, industry, and government leaders from regional Queensland navigate complexities around the adoption of renewables and associated challenges with the energy transition.

  • Worked with leaders across the bushfire response system in the Capital Region to harvest learnings from past fire events and reimagine how to engage as leaders across the fire system.

  • Supporting state government agencies think strategically about the challenges they face and how they can work mutually with other departments or stakeholder groups to achieve their outcomes.

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