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High-Stakes Facilitation

Facilitation is the art of helping groups of people find a solution or reach resolution through a guided process.

High-stakes facilitation is when the problem to be solved or the potential to be released has significant importance. Even more, inaction or inertia through an unwillingness to identify and address core issues have the potential to derail any well-intended solution.

The group or context often has inherent complexity, tension, and the potential for conflict or disagreement.  Worse than conflict is when a group of people is unwilling to name its needs and issues, risking the unspoken tension eroding or sabotaging potential positive results.

As a facilitator, I bring a clear process, safety, clarity of thinking and focus on getting to a compelling and mutually desired outcome. All this sounds serious, which in a way it is. Yet I'll also bring humour and creativity to make the process enjoyable for you and all.

Recent contexts I've been engaged to support:

  • Helping a group of community, industry, and government leaders from regional Queensland navigate complexities around the adoption of renewables and associated challenges with the energy transition.

  • Worked with leaders across the bushfire response system in the Capital Region to harvest learnings from past fire events and reimagine how to engage as leaders across the fire system.

  • Supporting state government agencies think strategically about the challenges they face and how they can work mutually with other departments or stakeholder groups to achieve their outcomes.

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