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Success for your next session

Organisations, schools, and communities hire me to design and facilitate conversations, sessions, and programs that are

deeply meaningful,

honour diverse views,

inspire deep engagement,

elicit powerful contributions,

and where people feel energised.

I can help you design a session or program that makes an impact on your community and allows you to enjoy the process.

Contact me to talk through your next event.


"Benny is remarkable and highly professional.  He brings his authentic self to his work of facilitation and program design.  He is thorough and organised in how he approaches preparation of any program and is easy to work with allowing an opportunity for ideation and co-design. 

Benny is a natural storyteller and can relate complex ideas and models through the use of story and experiential learning activities.   His has an amazing ability to connect with a diverse range of people and is able to create a physiologically safe space for learner and contributor growth to occur, where ideas and concepts can be explored through deep conversation and questioning. 

Without hesitation I would work with him again and again in any partnership, leadership and facilitation role."

—Simone Carroll-Germech,
Australian Rural Leadership Foundation

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