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Why You Should Stop Telling People Your Plans

The secret more powerful and fast-acting than the Law of Attraction. It’ll slap you in the face quicker than you can say “I’m going to . . .”

Have you ever shared a plan of something you are going to do and then somehow it all comes crashing down around you?

This is a lesson I keep on learning, and every time stronger than the last.

Many have heard of the Law of Attraction — the metaphysical ability to manifest what you most want.

The catch is: what I want never (or rarely at least) magnetises in the way I expect or as fast as I’d like it.


Because there are other laws that interfere with the manifestation process. And when I say laws, I mean those unexplainable yet indisputable truths like the Law of Gravity.

I don’t know how it works, but it just works.

One of those is the Law of Silence. It basically says that you shouldn’t talk about something until it is fully formed or launched. Or at least limit how and who you speak about it with.

I’ve done this so many times with book projects I have been working on. (And I know I’m in good company.)

I made this mistake, again . . .

I was recently on track to launch a business. I was so excited because — after several earlier false starts — it really felt like this was my time.

There was so much positive energy around it. I felt like the more I spoke about it, the more I would have to fulfil the commitment to make it happen.

Then a series of hurdles popped up out of nowhere. In the space of two days, I lost two funding sources totalling $15,000, which I needed to be able to get to launch.

The business program I joined that had promised to offer me twelve months of strategic advice and business coaching also went under (not a good sign anyways), which meant I could be left holding my premature baby.

To tried to get myself back on track with my goal. I applied for jobs that could support me in getting the extra income to make it work.

As I’d go off to meetings, family and friends would ask what I was doing. Instead of support I was inundated with unneeded advice that was clouding my mind.

I was already uncertain about what I was doing. I certainly didn’t need anyone else’s voices floating around my head.

Every project has a pregnancy

The truth is every project has an incubation period that is necessary for its full formation before launch.

When a mother is pregnant and goes to get her scan, this is a private matter between her, the doctor, and sometimes her partner. The mother doesn’t invite all her friends to look inside or divulge all the details.

People need to wait until the baby is born to meet them. And the same is true with any creative project.

Whether you are working on a book or a business, inviting people in too early can sabotage with the inner forces that are helping create and nurture your project into being.

We need to hold and protect our creative projects like a precious child. Projects need to be nurtured through the whole cycle.

Resetting my error

When my business plans collapsed around me, my initial reaction was to abandon it. Instead, I decided I would silently reorient my plans.

I am now in a new cycle of creativity where I am seeing my project morph in new directions. It turns out that what I perceived to be the launch was merely the project getting to first trimester. It needs to run the full cycle.

This time I’m keeping my cards closer to my chest. It has forced me to connect more deeply within.

A big lesson out of this was recognising that telling other people was me seeking validation from others that I was (or am) on the right track. Now I am not looking outside myself.

I am bringing my power back inside myself and relying more fully on my intuition and abilities. Well, at least until my next screw-up, in which case I’ll be back writing and telling the story of what I learned.

In the meantime, let’s keep it on the downlow. Peace!


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