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Create Your Future like a Hologram Instead of a Jigsaw Puzzle

How living like a hologram will magnetize your future quicker than you can say “fractal”

I’ve often used the metaphor of approaching life like jigsaw puzzle only to now realise I have been sabotaging myself every time.

Through hard-won trial and error, I have found a vastly more empowering way to manifest my future. And the code for this future doesn’t exist in some neat bit of information. You can find it inside yourself.

Holograms have the answer. You have a fractal of your future in your lived experience right now.

The hologram is infinitely more powerful and practical than looking at life like a jigsaw puzzle. And once you know its secret, you’ll never un-know it.

The problem with the jigsaw puzzle

Have you ever faced a problem or situation in life where you were given a piece of the (metaphoric) puzzle without having the entire solution?

Life can be like that. We get pieces of information, bit by bit, but without having a sense of the whole. It’s like being gifted a puzzle without a picture or the box to guide us.

One gropes around, attempting to fit the pieces together in the hope of finding some coherence. The problem is that each piece is unique and will only fit perfectly with the pieces immediately beside it.

There are techniques for success, of course, like starting with the corners and then the edges. You can group like colours together to narrow down the fields of possibility.

Eventually enough of a picture emerges that you kind of know what it is, but you still need to go through the tedious process of putting all the pieces together to create the whole. It’s an altogether tiresome process.

The power of the fractals and holograms

Holograms are different. Coherence is built within each component part. Smash apart a hologram and you’ll find the code of the whole in each piece.

fractal. noun. a curve or geometrical figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole. — Oxford Languages (Google)

Nature and life aren’t created like jigsaw puzzles. Nature is inherently built on fractals. Look at ferns, snowflakes, vegetables, trees, seashells, and peacocks. All their patterns are fractal by nature.

Figure out the piece and you figure out the pattern. You can know the whole from its parts.

Putting it all together

This is more than a philosophical idea — it’s also practical.

This past eighteen months I have been on a journey of reinvention. There are times, especially at the beginning, when I felt lost.

As I experimented with new ideas about who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do, it felt very much like putting a puzzle together. (In truth, it was my use of the jigsaw metaphor that shaped and narrowed my thinking.)

Yet, looking back, very early on I could see patterns emerge. I was having experiences that showed a complete picture of the whole within them.

One experience was a gig facilitating a leadership program for a group of emerging leaders. The experience connected me deeply to myself and everything I love that by the end of the week I was describing it as a 20-year career highlight.

I don’t yet know the entire intricate picture as it would appear on a puzzle box, but I have experienced the fractal energy of who I am and what I want to do. So, the process of reshaping my life doesn’t have the slow and tiresome building a puzzle will have.

I have discovered my fractal energy and can live into my hologrammatic future.

A key lesson is sensing the whole not just as an image, but as a feeling contained within the image. Life experiences communicate through how we feel about them. Some feel expansive, while others contract.

As I’ve gone about attracting other work and opportunities, I have been looking for experiences that resonate with my internal fractal pattern. I quickly know which opportunities ‘light up’ versus those that don’t fit at all.

As I’ve been able to let go of pathways (or pieces) that aren’t part of my resonate pattern, I am able to better attract opportunities that do. I find myself magnetising my future with ease and grace.

What’s your resonant pattern? When is it that you fully know yourself and what you’re here to do?


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