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Success Comes in Many Forms

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

A poem to honour and respect the way success shows up for you

Success comes in many forms, The first breath after we are born; We feel it when we take a stand, And grasp a pen in our little hand. Success comes the courageous day, Our thoughts form into words to say; Expressing what’s uniquely mine, Gives me power to self-define.

Success is boldly stepping out, To a brave new world, support without. When parents aren’t there to hold our hands We find out what our heart commands.

It is any purpose one can find,

Choosing those mountains, good to climb. Getting halfway and turning back, Is sometimes the most successful track.

It can come in ways we least expect, Even when we aren’t correct; Success is sometimes failing too, Cause it gives a new point of view.

Success can be a prized award, As a means of your efforts, to record. But even without a glossy shine, Success is knowing you are truly fine.

It can be found in solitude, Ignore when people say it’s rude. Going within and knowing yourself, Success is caring for your health.

It means deciding what’s good for you, In the face of a world saying what to do. Success is knowing your heart's desire, That’s all in life that you require.


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