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Coaching for Teens

The teenage years are trickier than they have every been, and like every generation before, teens are approaching this important time without a map.

Teens often seek guidance and support outside of their families. They commonly require support around topics such as school, focus, healthy habits (e.g., technology), friendships, setting goals, having a sense of direction, or just figuring life out.

Teens respond well to coaching, as it gives them a solid mentor and experienced guide for the journey--someone who can ask questions, listen empathically, and provide one-to-one guidance..

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Young Adults

School is done and now what? The post-school years can be confusing for emerging adults as they navigate new experiences for the first time.

These years are crucial for self-exploration and getting established in work, career, and relationships.

Coaching is a great source of structure and support for navigating the many transitions that come in one's 20s.

Support for Parents

Think of me as your support team.

Parents have a life too--something that is often forgotten in the mix of raising children.

Parents often come looking for support in guiding their teens, but discover they have their own goals and dreams to work on.

Common Topics
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