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Community Engagement

Bringing community together doesn't 'just happen' by magic. It's an art form that requires creative thought, safe structures, and a fun process.

As Andrés Tapia says, "diversity is a mix and inclusion is what makes a mix work." I am passionate about creating genuinely inclusive and welcoming to people of all backgrounds.

In my experience, often the most creative ideas come from the least likely places. And even more powerfully, when these emerge from truly collaborative processes that engage and elevate unexpected voices.


"Benny is a talented and deeply insightful facilitator. He brings years of relevant experience and stories, a genuine care for the personal development of participants and is a creative, authentic and engaging presenter.


Benny’s native genius is in his ability to create a safe place for participants to be vulnerable, how he unpacks activities and the way he holds space for individuals and their growth.

We would highly recommend working with Benny if you want to take your program or team to the next level. He is professional, flexible, incredibly easy to work with and will ensure the success of any program he is involved in.”

—Mel Nicholson, The Mandala Project.

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