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Your partner in high-stakes change

A crisis can look like many things—from natural disasters and the impacts of climate change, through to the slow death of a team or organisation drifting from its purpose. I work across all these fronts.

The stakes are high and your organisation and community matters. Leadership requires courageous and thoughtful risk-taking in the face of resistance. The biggest danger is the risk of inaction and committing to a ‘more of the same’ path.

Here’s me at my best:

  • Partnering with leaders and organisations to create more focused and aligned cultures;

  • Speaking candidly and compassionately to create conversations that challenge you to think differently;

  • Supporting communities in transition, especially after natural disasters such as floods and fires;

  • Bringing people together to reimagine and co-design a better future.


I'd love to chat about what's important to you. Give me a call or send me an email to explore how we might work together.

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